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18th April Class: Writing Package – Intake is open now

Get the Amazing V.A packages with DCA course 

  1. Article writing+blogging +SEO writing course @Ksh.2500 Ksh.5000
  2. Copywriting+Ads Copy course @Ksh.2500 Ksh.5000
  3. Cold pitching course (Best course to connect with local clients
  4. Research writing+ AI Editing@Ksh.5000 Ksh.10,000
  5. Direct clients arena course ksh.4000 Ksh.8,000
  1. The 1st 3+1 local client@Ksh.5000 Ksh.10000
  2. The 1st 4+ 1 direct client @ Ksh.10,000 Ksh.20,000
  3. All the 4+1 local client+2 direct clients@ Ksh.13,000
  4. All the 4+Direct client’s Arena (DCA)course (Premium course_Get unlimited international and local clients throughout your career. Get to 6_figure monthly income) @ Ksh.19,000 Ksh.25,000/$230
  5. All the 4+ Direct client’s Arena(DCA) course+ Vlogging course  on Video creation and marketing (YouTube & Tiktok) @Ksh.30,000/$240
  6. All the 4+DCA course +  Social media management @Ksh.35,000 /$255
  7. All the 4 + DCA course +Online Brand establishment for all professionals Course +Content creation, Vloging (YouTube+Tiktok Mastery) + a professional blog @Ksh.45,000/$350
  8. All the 4 +DCA Course+ Online Brand establishment for entrepreneurs +Content creation, Vloging (YouTube+Tiktok Mastery) + a professional eCommerce website @Ksh.65,000/$500
  9. All the 4+DCA Course +Online Brand establishment for all professionals Course +Content creation, Vloging (YouTube+Tiktok Mastery) + a professional website @Ksh.75,000/$600


Based on 83 reviews
nely sang
nely sang
It was incredibly helpful , incredible and client friendly
doris kinya
doris kinya
I have just completed my 3 courses and DCA at the Luminous Writers platform and am so grateful for the follow-up and guidance I've received from them. I will always recommend Luminous Writers. Thanks for the training.
James MK
James MK
I have today January 20th 2024 completed training and I feel sharpened regarding content writing. Direct clients tactics and making writing a reality as life time career were among many others things I applaud you for showing me.
Elizabeth Awino
Elizabeth Awino
For the longest time I have always yearned to learn online writing to be able to gain skills and make money .Thanks to coach Irene who held my hand through this journey and ensured that I mastered every bit of the lesson she took me through.One thing I can promise you for sure is that Irene is very patient with her trainees and understanding, she is polite and impacts skills in a simple manner that you can easily grasp without a struggle .I don't regret my penny that I invested because the training was worth it and I would always recommend anyone I know to Irene for online writing skills
Liz W M
Liz W M
Fully engaging and informative courses that will help you improve your online business or start making money online.Totally worth it, do not hesitate to enrol with luminous writers! Quality and value for money guaranteed!
Jeddy Nkalos
Jeddy Nkalos
Luminous writers offer the best training. At the beginning I thought it won't be of benefit but right now I am receiving my certificate. Thank you Luminous writers
Rahab Njoki
Rahab Njoki
I have just completed my 3 courses at the Luminous Writers platform and am so grateful for the follow-up and guidance I've received from them. I will always recommend Luminous Writers. Thanks for the training.
Irene Mwende
Irene Mwende
Luminous Writers .A nurturing haven for budding authors. Expert guidance and a vibrant community make it an inspiring choice.

The package of the 1st 4 courses will take 21 days, 3 hrs a day

All the rest will take 30 days. Establish your online brand and become the digital C.E.O by offering the services that you love most.

Immediately after the training, each writer will get a certificate of completion

A package of 4 short courses  (3hrs- One-time session each) @Ksh.7000

  1. Affiliate marketing course (Free Accounts available for affiliates) @Ksh.2000
  2. Data entry masterclass @Ksh.1500
  3. Mini_V.A course@Ksh.2000
  4. Dropshipping video course@Ksh.500

If you have a smartphone and data bundles, we shall start the class with you. Feel free to select any three hours of the day/night to start your training session.

2022 Winners at Teachers Notice Board-Kenya Gala Event, Hilton 




Top Skills=High Income



1. eBook writing: @ Ksh.10000/$100Smartphone friendly: enrol after completing article writing course).

If you would love to sell simple ideas in form of books e.g, cookbooks, business ideas, weaning books, raising children books, Christian books, CBC books, etc. This is your course. I have sold my book: ‘Poverty Landed me to my Present Goldmine” to thousands. You also can do that.

You can make up to Ksh.100,000 just from a single ebook. E.g, if you sell each book at Ksh.100. Within a month you can sell 1000 copies globally. We shall teach you how to craft top selling books and reach out to your target audience

2. Virtual Assistant course: @Ksh.10,000/$100. This is one of the easiest course that we have. It is less demanding and you can manage it easily right from your couch.It entails manager administrative issues like data entry, book keeping, managing emails, content writing, book keeping, managing calls, etc.

3.Digital Marketing:  (Via WhatsApp) @Ksh.10000/$100 . We are launching the most effective course to all business owners who wish to raise their earnings from 40% profit to 100% profit or more. We course will focus on the following:

• Brand awareness through storytelling (very short captivating description)

•How to market using Facebook profiles, groups, creating pages, reels, marketplaces, creating groups and as sponsorship 

•How to win strangers into clients within 30 seconds

•Use of Instagram and monetizing it

•How to use LinkedIn and increase your sales.

4. Research writing & proposal writing Course @Ksh.8,000

Few people have ventures in this area. Some have already become teachers in this field. A translation project will give you up to Ksh.20,000. You translate a project either from English to Swahili or English to your vernacular. Some even teach tourists Swahili and they fetch a lot of money.

My translation projects are always exciting and easy. This is a very easy course and job for anyone past Form four

Register by sending the fees to Luminous Till no.297755. After paying send the Mpesa code on Whatsapp 0714775874

All those outside Kenya, pay via
Mpesa / World Remit/ Wave/ Simba Pay  +254 714775874

Basic Package  (You can use your smartphone)

1. Article writing +SEO : SEO, Content Writing product descriptions, backlinks, landing pages, free platforms to source your clients during and after the course. You must start with article writing.@Ksh.5000/$50

(With article writing course, you’ll be able to make Ksh.60,000 a month as a beginner, if you apply the tips that we shall teach you.  We believe in value addition. We don’t just teach you and let you go out without a job. We give you free platforms to source for your future clients

2.Copywriting + Ads Copy. It is a detailed course that is geared to marketing @Ksh.5000/$50

This is a must-have course for every writer and business owner. It will help you boost your sales from 20%-300%. This course will help you to craft copies that boost sales in 30 seconds.

We have tens of mom’s, students and working dads earning over ksh.300,000 through copywriting. 

3. Cold pitching  course: A course with unlimited sources of direct client’s if you  take article and copywriting @Ksh.3000/$30

Entire package of the 3 courses @Ksh.12,000 /$120 (Cold pitching has a discount)

Pay to our Luminous Till: 297755

Then send your confirmation message on Whatsapp:+254 714775874

Business master course

Boost your sales significantly @Ksh.10000/$100. (This is strictly for business owners or those who wish to start their businesses.)

Having good products and services is not enough. Good people with awesome businesses are closing down every day. Why? The problem is not the business but lack of business skills. 

If you master the business model, marketing techniques, clients’ minds and the nature of your market: you’ll shoot from 20%-200% sales. 

Before I learnt the business mastery model 10 years ago, I would close down businesses indefinitely and new ones thinking that ‘grass was greener on the other side’. Master the art, build your empire.

Elite Level Class

•Direct Client’s Arena (You can use your smartphone).: This is a great platform that will help you get a pool of direct clients. This is a course for certified writers. @Ksh.10,000 /$100

With this course, you can have 10 + direct clients and over 20 writers in your team. This is the sure course that will help you hit Ksh.600,000 a month.You don’t need to look for writing account since the clients will offer unlimited flow of jobs.

Master Class

1. Business start up class: Ksh.10000/$100. (you can use a smartphone)

We provide an online class that runs for 3 days for all those who intend to start local businesses. We have 5 businesses: Mali Mali business, Curtains business, baby shop, mtumba business and Kitchen ware business. We give you the links to the sources of these products, the target market and how to market and earn a living with zero capital/low capital. We also give you the contacts of the wholesalers. This businesses will help you earn at least Ksh.5000 daily right from home. We teach this class through WhatsApp.Some of our trainees have shops now.

2. Social media management course @Ksh10000/$100. (You can use a smartphone).

If you are a business owner, this is the perfect course to reach thousands of clients everyday and close sales. Make people buy your products within seconds every day.

The course entails: digital marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIN, SEO optimization on social spaces. Content creation that convert sales in seconds. With this course, you can make over Ksh.80,000 a month.

(Academic writing requires a laptop)

3. Academic Writing @Ksh. 20000$200. (We only teach undergraduate students who are in session)

If you want academic course so that you can monetize it, we will not teach you. We are christian-based and we do not encourage academic cheating by any standard. 

 4. Life Improvement eBooks in PDF’s each @ksh.3000/$30

  1. “Poverty landed me to my present Goldmine”
  2. “The Awesome Presence of God”


Self- Improvement Courses

1. Build your confidence and self esteem: @Ksh.10000/$100

Interestingly, everyone claims to be confident until you ask them to do certain things. E.g. Starting a business in the town CBD. They will argue, the rent is too high, you know the city council business certificate is way expensive, fare to and fro, my children are still too young, etc. This is just one example.

We try to hide in excuses whenever we lose confidence.

With this course, you will get to levels that have only existed in your dreams. You have the power within you, start now.

2. Surpass expectations in the interview room @Ksh.10000/$100

This course entails resume writing, dress code, communication skills, confidence and how to answer the questions. It is futile to spend years in school building your skills then fail in the interview room. This is the ‘to-go’ course for every job seeker and also human resource managers.

3. Mental health &depression  (online therapy,6 sessions) : Ignite your dreams. @Ksh.30000/$300 You are the master of every success/failure. It is all in your mind.

This course is worth million dollars. If you wish to ignite the light in your life and realize the deep potential within you. Go for this course. It is very cheap to help anyone, the least and the mighty, to experience deep breakthroughs.

Dear Aspiring Freelancer!

  • At Luminous Writers Training Hub, we shape destinies of our esteemed trainees
  • NB/ None of my successful trainees ends up jobless; being a competent and a consistent writer, you are a hotcake in the writing industry!
  • Training Duration
  • One week for each course
  • Monday to Monday – 24hrs training (day, evening and night sessions available)
  • You must be available at least 3 hours of choice every day
  • Method of Training

We use the online platform to reach all our potential trainees across the globe! This mode has been very effective since we offer a one on one online contact!

We use:

  • Email
  • Website
  • WhatsApp (For notifications)

The three methods have proven effective in terms of time, cost, and achievement of a high level of skills.


I certify all my trainees with a certificate of completion at the end of the course! 🎓

Bonus: Free Grammarly Checker, Free plagiarism tools

Direct clients Arena: This is a deeply analysed and updated course on how to approach, and source your direct clients. It has over 30 secrets that no other person will unveil to you concerning landing to your direct client’s within a few days.

Our Team

Nicholas N N- IT Expert

About the CEO

I am Irene W. Kinuthia, an online writing tutor and researcher. I am also an author of two books: “The Awesome Presence of God” and “Poverty Landed me to my Present Goldmine.” I am a graduate in English and Literature (B.ed-Arts, K.U). Being a qualified teacher, I am passionate about imparting knowledge in a vast area of knowledge.
Writing is a very interesting area where some write out of passion, some to express their feelings while some, write for money. The good news is that out of the three, you can earn through writing.
I started writing in 2011 back in campus when I learnt the skill. For the first three years, I enjoyed earning cash through various writing accounts such as iwriter.com, Zerys.com, and essay.net. With time, I realized I could go a step higher. To cut short… I started getting direct clients from all corners of the world where my income grew beyond my mere expectations. After graduation, I could not accept any employment proposal since the salary was a way too low in comparison to what I was making at the comfort of my couch. (To get my full success story, get my E-book, “Poverty Landed me to my Present Goldmine.” See my Story.
With time, I learnt the power in enlightening others! In 2017 Dec, I decided to start a training hub to motivate people to start an online writing job, which could fetch them money. This turned out to be an awesome opportunity for students, stay at home moms, unemployed, a side hustle for the employed and a good arena for young people to create employment right from home
Interestingly, in a span of one year, I have been able to train over 4000 successful writers who are doing extremely well in the industry. I am often captivated by their progress when I come to learn that some have become employers in the writing industry. I have come to believe that whatever the mind perceives, it can achieve!
In a nutshell, nothing is impossible, everything is reachable. The question is, are you willing? I know you are here because you are saying a big “YES!” Stick around, I will mentor you to get there!

Basic Requirements for this Course

  • The will-power to achieve through patience, determination and have a teachable spirit
  • Have a good command in English and be willing to get better
  • At least have gone through High School successfully
  • A computer/ laptop/smartphone
  • Good internet connection
  • The training fee of the course of preference

With the above, I shall be able to mentor you and to see you maneuver skillfully in this industry!

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  • Questions in your Mind!
  • How sure am I that this is not a Scam?

I always feel you when it comes to trusting anyone with your savings. I am also aware of the scams existing in the virtual market. However, I want to give you a disclaimer- how will you expect someone to trust you with their assignments that have deadlines, yet you cannot trust them with your money? In simple terms, you have to build your trust, for you to be trusted. I will give you emails of a few successful trainees on the testimonial, whom you can contact anytime to check on their progress and inquire about my legibility.

  • What Happens After Making Payments?

The training takes place immediately so long as you are available. Better still, you can select any favourable schedule.

  • How Does the Training Take Place; Will I just Pay, then Get Notes?

I can assure you that you will get a very personalized training program, that is specific to your learning pace. As a professional teacher, I understand the different types of students who need special attention.

  • How often are You Available Online? How Long Does It Take to Respond to My Assignment?

Being an online tutor, I am available all throughout from Monday to Monday. As well, I respond immediately for reviewing of your assignment.

  • How Do You Manage So Many Trainees at the Same Time?

I offer very fast yet high-quality services. Therefore, in the event that I have a large number of trainees at the same time, I respond to each individually, whereby the rest will only have to wait for only a few minutes.

  • Can I Learn and then Pay after the Training?

No. I am only a trainer, who imparts the skills then release you to the market. Therefore, you don’t work for me but I always connect you to a job provider who will be giving you jobs before you begin your journey to getting direct clients.

  • How Much Can I Earn as a Beginner?

As a beginner, you will work for local clients, who will pay you from from Ksh.60,000. I would like to make it clear that we have beginners earning Ksh.200000 within the first month. It is all about your personal growth and level of skills. You should also ask yourself, am I active in delivering my tasks? Am I hardworking? I know you’ll say, work smart! Here, if you love sleep, be sure to lose money.

  • I am already a Writer, Can You Give Me Jobs?

Good idea! I don’t connect writers to jobs. Nevertheless, I offer a direct client’s arena course that allows you to get international and local clients, which guarantees a consistent flow of income. The course takes only a few days; the training fee is Ksh. 8,000.

  • Can I pay in installments?

No! You can only pay fully for each course before the training.

  • Can I Pay Then Learn Later?

Yes. I keep a good record of all my trainees, therefore, you can be sure to be served when you are ready. Although, I do not encourage trainees showing up any time they wish. A good learner is disciplined and consistent.

  • What’s Your Primary Mode of Communication?

Considering that everything pertaining the training is on the online platform, I prefer use of WhatsApp/SMS/ Email. With these, it is easy to give quick notifications and fast responses anytime.

  • What is the Difference between CopyWriting and Article Writing?
Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.
Conversely, article writing involves creation of well-researched content on a given topic concerning a specific niche. For instance, the research materials posted on websites, blogs, and newspapers among others on specified topics. 


Onesmus G.W.

TV Shows to look forward to in 2020 - Telly Updates

Online Writing is the Real Deal: My Journey!

 “Should I buy you airtime to make calls and chat your girlfriends, or should I save up for your school fees?” this was my dad’s feedback back in 2015 when I asked for cash to buy airtime. It ran deep into the edges of the ventricles, almost tearing them into tatters. It is hard to understand  what we all go through. Life is always trying to toss us like a merry go round so hard that energy fails. However, it matters with how one decides to rise and bring changes in their world Read more

Rachael G

2019 has Turned My Life Around

It was on 30th Nov 2018. I was lying on my bed after a long day of hard work. Things were getting out of hand by now. It was now four months since I moved out of an abusive marriage. It was a difficult decision to make, considering that I had three children with me to raise. I am a product of an Read more

Email: rachaelgitahi254@gmail.com

Evans Muriuki

I suppose my life turned out just the way I had imagined. Writing has now become a part of my life. The writing interest developed after I saw an enticing on-line jobs post on Facebook. I contacted Irene who took me through the course diligently. I am fortunate to have met Irene who mentored me as she brought me to a point of self-realization. It takes time to accept this reality! I realize that people do not have to have natural born talents to become successful writers and researchers. It is all about doing what you love. Amazingly, I am keeping up in the writing industry, I am eight months old in writing, and look forward to getting to greater heights. Big up Irene!

Julie W, a successful writer!
Email: juliakw254@gmail.com

“I chose to study from the best. When it comes to learning how to write excellent academic and article projects, Irene W. Kinuthia is that person—she’s skillful, passionate, humble, teaching from personal experience, and motivated to show you the way. What she teaches you will help you improve your writing, not just during the course, but beyond.” I am now a competent writer, managing other writers under me. I can’t’ thank her enough, for giving me an opportunity to learn. I still feel that I paid too little, compared to the achievements I have attained in a span of five months. Again, big thanks!

Benjamin .N.

Email: benjah2012@gmail.com

It is true that a few people wish to write, but many wish to have it written. At luminous writers, I fell in love with writing. A while back, a colleague asked me how I ended up in writing. I took my time to explain about my experience at luminous-writers program. During my training as a writer, I felt like I was ripping apart, the way muscles rip when we exercise, reinventing my writing practice. This was greatly credited back to Irene, an outstanding trainer in writing. She kept challenging me, time and again, while still affirming that she believed in my writing. Even before I was done with the training, I got a call awarding me a long time writing deal. My experience at luminous-writers has shaped what I do today as writer.
I would recommend the program to any aspiring writer.

Peter G., a successful Writer!
Email: liamfashionmodel@gmail.com

I still can’t comprehend how learning for just two weeks transformed my life. I am a student in one of the Kenyan universities, but I was indeed broke and life was too hard on me. I saw an enticing post on Facebook on online writing jobs. I just decided to give it a shot. Amazingly, after the two weeks of training, I was already working in the industry. I am now one month old in writing, I look forward to getting more!

Wilberforce. I, a successful Writer!

Email: wilbaiirungu@gmail.com

A very Brilliant tutor, always encouraging and helpful. She indeed understands the various levels of writing and the market requirements for a competent writer. Grateful to have met the best online writing tutor, I am now working for a top company, having a long-term engagement.

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